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Bus Rapid Transist System (BRTS)

Ahmedabad BRTS is a bus rapid transit system developed by Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) for the city of Ahmedabad, recognizing that no single mode would cater to the mobility needs of the city and that buses form the most critical segment of the public transport system in the Ahmedabad. GIDB entrusted the system design task to CEPT University. In order to cater this future demand, the city and State Government has initiated a Plan for Integrated Public Transit System, in which BRTS is one of the components. This will facilitate the major mobility need of the people. In future, this system will get integrated with Ahmedabad Metro by the addition of two lines running through east to west and north to south.

Routes of BRTS

From To Kms
RTO Kankariya 18
Kankariya Lake
Railway Station
Telephone Exchange(Circular)
Telephone Exchange
Dani Limbda Narol 3
Narol Naroda Patiya 21.59
RTO Delli Daewaja 6
Naroda Patiya Naroda Gaam 2
Dilli Darwaja Naroda Patiya 6
Shah Aalam Saeangpur-Soni Ni Chali 6
Shivranjani Iskon 2.5
Ranip ChandKheda 6.6
Soni Ni Chali Odhav 3.6
Nehru Nagar Ellis Bridge 6.2
RTO Chandkheda 6.34

Graphical Route of BRTS

Ahmedabad BRTS Netwrok Map

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