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TitleProduct Description - ActivitiesPhone
KISHAN TYRE RETREDERS Mfg. Retreders. 2142251
DEEP METAL Mfgrs. Of Stainless Steel Utensils 2436165
HARSHMAN GAUGES & ENGINEERING CO. Gauges & Accessories, Standard Thread Ring & Plug Gauges, Special Thread Gauges, Plain Gauges, Plain Carbide Gauges, Caliberation Services Of Gauges & Measuring Instruments, Threading Tips, HSS & CS Taps & Dies, HSS & Carbide Milling Cutters, Threading Ch 23452832 / 23452833 / 28183907
SWITCHCRAFT Mfrs.Of Industrial Grade Miniature Toggle Switches, Rotary Switches, Sub-Miniature Rotary Switches & Push-Button Switches, Single Pole Double Throw (S.P.D.T.)Toggle Switches, Double Pole Double Throw (D.P.D.T.) Toggle Switches, Subminiature Rotary Switche 26781045 / 26684798
DELUXE METAL PROCESSING CHEMICALS PVT.LTD. Heat Treatment Chemical & Phosphating Chemicals, Electro Plating Salts, Acid Proof Lining Materials, Quenching Oil, Lubricants, Cutting Oils 23429663 / 23443148
CHEMPHARM INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD. Entire Range Of Clean Room Products, And All Types Of Filtration Systems And Filters. 2335547
SHREE CHLOROCHEM Maintance & Services, Chlorationa Plants & Systems. 22817857
SAMEER MODI ASSOCIATES Dehydrated Onion Products Export Consultants 30921253
TURNOMAX LATHE MACHINE Lathe Machines 2389659
PROFI-TECH MANUFACTURERS1 Mfg.Of Hydraulic Press, Power Pack Unit, Cylinder, Hydraulic Honing Machine, Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Press Brake, Hydraulic S.P.M.Machine 2369532
ALTAF COMPUTERS Virus Infected Database Recovery 9825385138
AUTO ENG.WORKS Textile Parts Ring Temple 2428158 / 2427570
BHAVIN PLASTIC Twne-Plastic 2446409 / 2446409 / 2445724
OSRAM POWER CORPORATION Tube Lights,Bulbs,Special Lamps 22171006 / 22155720
ICON INFOTECH Computer Hardware and Maintenance 3113133
TWINKLE TECHPLAST PVT.LTD. Plastic Household Products, Moulded Furniture, Large Industrial Moulding 25830716
PANARA INDUSTRISE Brass & Brass Proucts 2565160
VALLABH WIRE INDUSTRIES Mfrs.of All Types of Galvanized Wire 25840249
HI-TEK AUTO PRODUCTS Mfg.Of All Kinds Of Auto Electronics & Electricals Parts 2389340
POWERTRONICS All Industrial Electronics Components 26560188
DANIEL MEASUREMENT & CONTROL (I) P.LTD. Mfrs.of Terminal Automation & Flow Measuring Equipment 2830048
MASIBUS PROCESS INSTRUMENTS PVT LTD Digital Indicators,Contoller On/Off,Transmitters-Temperature Humidity,Temperature Sensors,Scanners/Data Loggers Modular,Power Transducers 26443573
SILGA MICRO SYSTEM Temperature Controllers & Indicators,Squencial Timer & Time Totalisers,Universal Counters,Water Level Controllers,Micro Processor Based PLC's & PC,Tempearture Scanners,Recorders. 22815170
PREMIER ELECTRICALS Auth.Dlrs.Of Switchgears & Motors 2461242 / 2462258
KAJAL ELECTRICALS All Types Of Electric Repairs,Electro Plating Rectifiers,CCVV Rectifiers 22167226

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