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Festivals In Ahmedabad

Fantastic Festivals put Gujarat into a World Stage

Festivals in Gujarat have popular celebrations and observations that include major religious, business and entertaining festivals apart from fairs and heritage tours.

Festivals in Gujarat signify socio-cultural-religious and even economic aspirations of the people of Gujarat. Vibrant Gujarat Kite Festival marks a new record of religious tradition blend with economic development. The Festival and fairs of Gujarat promote unity, spiritual well being, self discipline and austerity. They act as refreshers to monotonous routines and are form of recreations.

Among the most popular festivals celebrated in Ahmedabad are:

Navratri Navratri Deepavali Diwali Kite Festival Kite Festival Shivratri Shivratri
Holi Holi Janmastmi Janmashtmi Ganesh Chaturthi Ganesh Chaturthi Mohorram
Mohorram - Ramzan

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