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Mohorram - Ramzan

Mohorram - Ramzan
Religion is a faith observed by a mass of people in their own special way in Gujarat. Muslim Festival Mohorram is celebrated somewhere in Feb or March. Muslims walk with the faith of Mohammed whatever their division be, the sunni or the shites. The principles of truth lies with charity, generosity, love, unity with the Koran preaching’s, the five pillars of Islam :
  • Faith in Allah
  • Praying, five times a day
  • Almsgiving
  • Keeping the Fast and
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Mohammed once told his followers when they returned from battle that ‘You have come back from lesser to greater struggle’ On asking to elaborate the statement, he said ‘The greater struggle is the struggle within’.

Mohorram marks the beginning of the Muslim Year. It is primarily associated with the period of mourning observed in commemoration of the martyrdom of ‘Ali’s son and Muhammad’s grandson Husain. Ali and his elder son Hasan are also remembered during this period as having suffered and died for the cause of righteousness. On the tenth day of Mohorram Husain was brutally murdered by troops of the Ummayyad Caliph Yazid (d. A.D. 683) after having refused to take the oath to him. He left Medina for Kufa in Iraq with followers of his women and children and close relatives.As Husain and his following approached the plains of Karbala, they were intercepted by Yazid’s troops under the command of ‘Ubaydullah, the governor of Kufa. On the morning of the fatal day, 10th Mohorram, Husain fought bravely till he was slain, the last on the battlefield. His violent death to this day awakens the sympathy of the faithful who remember his martyrdom with sorrow and indignation.

The Ninth month of Moslem year is known as Ramadan when Mohammed is supposed to have received his first revelations. In commemoration of this, Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset during the month leading upto Mohammed’s "Night of Power" when according to tradition Gabriel first told him of his mission. It is said that on this "Night of Power" the gates of Paradise are open, the gates of Hell shut and the devils in chains.

Muslims from Gujarat are offered special HAJ pilgrimage tours as many of them visit the holy place every year. The cities of Gujarat celebrate Tajia and Id festivals and many Muslim pilgrimage places are visited by muslims all over the world as they are tourist attractions.

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